FREE TEMPLATE: 2018 Digital Content Planner


Start your 2018 super organised! 

Use this Digital Content Planner template to organise and list all your content in one document.

Our template includes:

Blue_Bubble.png Monthly Editorial Overview: a monthly overview of your campaigns, content and marketing efforts.

Blue_Bubble.png  Content Repository: list all your web pages, blog posts and other online content, and link to where they live online.

Blue_Bubble.png Landing Pages Repository: list all your landing pages, and which offers they promote (e-books, demos, discounts, etc.).

Blue_Bubble.png Content Offer Repository: list all your content offers and their purpose. Make notes when they need reviews and updates (i.e. annually).

TIP: Upload your 2018 Digital Content Planner to Google Docs and use it as a living document your team can collaborate on. No duplication, and easy access for everyone!